Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Note from Scout...

Here's a note from Scout regarding what she'd like to gain from the trip to New Orleans. Please feel free to offer your ideas concerning what you'd like to learn about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the "Comments" Section. Thank you.

I started writing about New Orleans, or NOLA (for short), soon after Hurricane Katrina struck. I’ve continued writing to the point that my blog resembles a Katrina blog ~ which was never my intention. But I have been drawn to the story again and again as it transcends compelling. What happens when a city is virtually destroyed? How do people cope? How do they rebuild? What does it even look like? Reports from NOLA news outlets give one an idea but it is only that…an idea. To begin to know what is happening requires going there. We hear reports of "utter stagnation" and procrastination regarding the rebuilding process. Yet there are also things happening in NOLA. Politicians continue in attempts to get the necessary aid for rebuilding. Some residents are organizing themselves to fight for their neighborhoods. Much of what is and what is not occurring goes either under-reported or not reported at all to Americans throughout the country. So this group of concerned blog readers have decided to send someone to NOLA to bring a first hand account. I feel fortunate to be that someone. Our goal is to deliver an account of the devastation and the process of rebuilding this once great city. We ask for your financial support but also invite you to become a stakeholder in this process by submitting questions you would like answered on NOLA. We hope this will be an opportunity to not only inform all of us but in a small way communicate the caring and concern that does exist for the people of NOLA. They only ask that they not be abandoned. I hope you’ll stand with them and support our effort to communicate their need in any small way you can. Thank You.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man. This will be great.

ql in ny

4:49 PM  
Blogger noblejoanie said...

Go Scout!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Interrobang said...

I've got a whole bunch of primary-source documents on Katrina, including hundreds of photographs, assembled in digital form, from before, during, and after Katrina. I did practically nothing else for a week around the hurricane than monitor media. I would be more than happy to mail a CD.

Also, I will try to donate if I have some cash left over this month.

If anyone is interested in my collection of Katrina materials, please e-mail me (subject line "Katrina Materials," please, I get a lot of e-mail) at shgstewart at gmail dot com.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Far-freakin-out Scout!

Hey Everyone! Give her some money!


8:01 AM  
Anonymous Nephew said...

Way to go Scout. Santa Cruz will be listening.

12:51 PM  
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