Monday, March 06, 2006

Oy...the freaking garbage!

This is the garbage in front of the place I am staying. I'm not sure how long it has been out there but as long as I've been here. They just don't pick it up.

And it stinks. Thank heaven there is a gate to keep the smell away from the house.

UPDATE: The folks who live here don't see this as that big a deal considering everything. So this is more's just pretty stinky.


Blogger spocko said...

Speaking of cleaning up garbage: This is the email I sent to followup on Scout's reporting about the fake clean up of Lakeview.

Keith Darce
James Varney
Times Picayune

Dear Keith and James:

On Saturday March 4, 2006 Keith wrote a story about Congress touring New Orleans. Would it surprise either of you (or piss you off) to find out that someone directed an Army Corps of Engineers subcontractor to send a clean up crew to one of the Lakeview locations Congress was going to visit specifically to do a quick clean up the morning of the visit? According to Lakeview resident Jimmy Burns, they had never seen a crew there before.

My associate, Scout, talked to one of the crew members before he left the scene. He said they were "under the Army Corp of Engineers by Phillips and Gordon" (i,e. contractors). Do you think that Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker Dennis Hastert or other members of the delegation of 32 lawmakers would appreciate the phony impression this clean up work gives? Was this the only work done or were there more on their route? I understand the delegation was there to get an accurate impression of what was happening. How can congress get an accurate impression of progress (or lack of progress) if someone is directing crews to create a false impression of the progress being made?

I also noticed James has done some stories about the clean up process and I thought you might be interested in how it was manipulated to put on a good show for the Congress people who were in town this weekend. Perhaps you could call your contacts in the Army Corp of Engineers and find out who was giving Phillips and Gordon their marching orders for this project. Who was behind the PR campaign to direct contractors to clean up specifically on the delegation's route?

I know you have a lot to cover and are doing a Herculean job reporting on the reconstruction, but when someone implements an active program to mislead Congress on the clean up and rebuilding of New Orleans, I think both Congress AND Americans would like to know who is behind it.

If you would like more details you can contact my colleague Scout at This delegation deception clean up took place on March 4, 2006 in Lakeview at the 17th Street Canal levee area.

Scout was told Congress was scheduled to arrive at 4:00 and the crew finished their work a little bit after 3:00 and left.



cc. Rep. Nancy Pelosi
House Speaker Dennis Hastert

7:54 PM  
Blogger lb0313 said...

Until week before last the Nat'l guard was, I'm , in charge of the garbage. We never knew when it owuld get picked up but it did. Now it is back to NOLA to do, I'm told. Since they can't even collect taxes - I suspect that garbage will be there until we pay someone to come get it. Work for 'Thanks you' - and in perspective relatively little to whine about - but yeah, not the way I want to remember those shrimps.

10:17 PM  

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