Sunday, March 05, 2006


We're having a wee bit of a network problem. I hope to have pictures and some video posted later.

Honestly I am a bit tired. I have at least 4 more stories to write. I leave Tuesday so I suspect I'll be writing some of those from home. So I hope you'll keep watching here.

We went out to eat last night at Rio Mar. It was fabulous. The folks I am staying with were friends with our waiter Trent. We never even looked at a menu. He just took care of us bringing one fantastic dish after another. I've found food, cooking and eating is a huge part of New Orleans.

We were very close to the infamous Convention Center which is right downtown. We went past it. It is completely cleaned up and it's hard to believe what happened there looking at it now.


Blogger virgotex (aka lavalamp) said...

I've found food, cooking and eating is a huge part of New Orleans.

because those are the some of the basic ingredients of life. Of the inherent goodness of life and fellowship and community and hospitality even in the face of hardship and poverty. Where a couple of folks are gathered around, and there's some music and something good on the stove, there is possibility and hope and love.

All the core humanity that is completely antithetical to the treatment that region received post-Katrina. The federal government, faced with chaos and failure on a massive scale, instead slammed the door, said "not enough for you," and gave it the cold shoulder, all the while making plans on how to divvy up the spoils once it has starved everyone out.

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