Monday, March 06, 2006

This is "working hard" George

I saw a group of kids from Fergus Fall, MN working to clean debris on the beach in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi today. They were really working hard carrying out huge pieces of broken dock.

Bless their souls. Really! There are alot of such groups. In fact one contacted me. They are coming down but need a project to do. So if anyone out their needs a house gutted send me an email. I know of 23 kids ready, willing and able that will be headed your way.

I also saw a huge church run tent city where volunteers stay. Now I don't mean pup tents. These were probably 10' by 20' tents. There must have been 15 of them and then some bigger tents probably where they serve their meals etc.

I am of 2 minds on these groups. I am told after they help, such as in feed you a meal, that they do proselytize. But if you tell them you aren't interested they back off and leave you alone. Now it's great they are filling a need. However anything that is happening here is by individual residents or such groups. It's very piecemeal. There's no overall organization or plan. There's no leadership or as Geoff Coates says in post below...No Vision. The area affected by Katrina is a whole region of America which was so apparent today as I went to Mississippi. The scale of devastation is overwhelming. I just don't know how this will get rebuilt this way. It is beyond church groups, mayors and even governors. The federal government needs to get off its butt and get the show on the road here.

Come on George put your back into it like these MN kids will ya???


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