Monday, March 06, 2006

The Body Count

CNN reports they found another body in NOLA.

Before dying, the man apparently was trying to crawl out of an air-conditioning vent to escape rising floodwaters, said Dr. Louis Cataldie, Louisiana's medical examiner.

Cataldie said searchers expect to find up to 400 more bodies of storm victims still hidden inside New Orleans homes six months after the storm.

I had a post on January 19 about Dr. Caldie trying to get 400 homes searched "because authorities have consistent information about people missing from those locations." They are finally starting that search now.

Evidently the man was found in this house which had been searched and had a Zero on it. (which means no bodies found)

Do you know how many houses I have seen that look just like this one with Zeros painted on them????? I had assumed the 400 places to search were basically rubble. My God 80% of NOLA looks like that house or worse. Cataldie has said that in addition to those 400 he believes there were an unknown number washed out to sea. I shudder to think of how many really died.

When I was in Bay Saint Louis, Missississippi today I was talking with a woman who believes as do others there that they are "suppressing the death toll." She said the official toll for her county is a little over 50. But she then went on to tell of at least 5 people just within blocks of her her who died and this was relative high ground. She said she just does not believe the official count. If true I guess it's a new twist on "Bush lied and people died"......

People died and Bush lied.


Anonymous janeboatler said...

They stopped the search for bodies even though they had specific information that the bodies of the missing might be found in certain houses. I'm with those who don't believe the death count either.

Can they hide bodies forever?

This is despicable.

11:07 PM  
Blogger scout prime said...

Actually some of that info may have come in over the months or it may have been there before Oct 3.

We don't know

11:28 PM  
Anonymous robinhood said...

In an effort to be civil and control my anger I give my usual:

scum sucking pigs

7:53 AM  
Anonymous forcedlefty said...

Story not unlike - "Gee. where's Daddy? Only to find him stuck in the chimney in a Santa Suit, but long dead."

Clearly if you weren't floating in the water are partially submerged in the muck, no extraordinary search measures were undertaken.

Thanks Scout!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Great reporting from New Orleans. I'd like to direct your attention to a new report using casualty data that shows that once the age of Katrina's victims is considered, blacks were over-represented among the dead and whites under-represented. This confirms initial impressions, and overturns a widely-cited and seriously-flawed analysis of the same data by the Knight Ridder news service. Take a look:

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you stop complaining from your desks and go lend a hand. It's as easy to complain and blame the government as it is to ignore the situation.
Total hypocrisy.
I'm no fan of Bush, but I'm not going to sit around blaming him everytime something bad happens in the world. Where we you? Where was congress? Where the he'll was Ray Naggin?

11:24 AM  

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